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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k15816 0-2 by explosives in truck in Abu Ghraib 19 Apr 2009
d8258 One shot dead by National Police in Baghdad 17 Apr 2009
d6406 Doctor by head injury in Al-Diwaniyah 17 Apr 2009
d8257 Fabrics merchant shot dead in central Baghdad 16 Apr 2009
d8256 Man in drive-by shooting in Al Allawi area, central Baghdad 14 Apr 2009
d8255 Iraqi contractor by IED north of Muqdadiyah 14 Apr 2009
d8254 One assassinated in Sadr City, Baghdad 13 Apr 2009
d8251 One by IED near Rustamiyah Bridge, SE Baghdad 12 Apr 2009-
13 Apr 2009
d8253 Body found beheaded in north Baghdad 12 Apr 2009
d8252 Housewife assassinated in Sadr City area, Baghdad 12 Apr 2009
d8250 Body of a female found shot dead in east Baghdad 11 Apr 2009
d5792 Information Department employee and wife in Ramadi area 11 Apr 2009
d8249 One killed by unknown gunmen in Sadr City, Baghdad 9 Apr 2009
d8248 One shot dead in Hay Al-Atibah area, SW Baghdad 8 Apr 2009
k13181 مقتل رجل بانفجار عبوة لاصقة بسيارته في القدس شرقي الموصل 8 Apr 2009
k13181 Man by bomb attached to car, Al-Quds, east Mosul 8 Apr 2009
d8247 Oil company employee shot dead in Basrah 7 Apr 2009
d8246 Iraqi contractor shot dead in Al Latifiya area, south of Baghdad 6 Apr 2009
d8245 Three by UXO in Salman Pak area, SE of Baghdad 6 Apr 2009
d8244 Body found shot dead in Al Ghadir, east Baghdad 6 Apr 2009
d8243 High school principal shot dead in Nassir Wa Salam, west of Baghdad 6 Apr 2009
d8242 Two bodies found shot dead in Basrah 6 Apr 2009
d8235 Body of a woman found tortured in Al Hussainiyah, Baghdad 6 Apr 2009
d5383 One on motorcycle by US Stryker vehicle near Tarmiyah 6 Apr 2009
d8234 Man shot dead in Qader neighborhood, New Baghdad 5 Apr 2009
d8233 Facilities Protection Service employee shot dead in Hay Al Amil, Baghdad 4 Apr 2009
d8232 Man shot dead in Hay Al Moalemen, east Baghdad 4 Apr 2009
d6563 Woman found hanged in home in Baghdad 1 Apr 2009
d6562 Man by magnetic bomb on car in Kadamiyah, Baghdad 1 Apr 2009
d6561 Health Ministry employee shot dead by Sons of Iraq member in SE Baghdad 1 Apr 2009
d6560 Currency exchange shop owner shot dead in Al-Jehad, Baghdad 1 Apr 2009
d6559 Restaurant owner shot dead in Al-Mashtall, Baghdad 1 Apr 2009
d8048 Policeman shot dead in Tal Afar 9 Mar 2009-
10 Mar 2009
d8570 Man shot dead in Nazran area, Basrah 28 Feb 2009
d8569 Man by IED at house in Mindly area, eastern Diyala 27 Feb 2009
d7493 Body of a man found strangled in Al Shaab area, NE Baghdad 27 Feb 2009
d7492 Body of a woman found in Al Habibiyah area, east Baghdad 27 Feb 2009
d7491 Body of a woman found in Al Bayaa area, SW Baghdad 27 Feb 2009
d5791 Sons of Iraq member shot dead north of Karmah 26 Feb 2009
d7490 Member of a displaced family shot dead in Al Ghazaliyah area, Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d7489 One by IED in Mahmoudiya area, SW of Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d5353 Child shot dead in Mushada, north of Baghdad 25 Feb 2009
d7488 Man shot dead by Iraqi Police on Nidhal Street, central Baghdad 24 Feb 2009
d7487 Three by bicycle bomb in Abu Ghraib 24 Feb 2009
d7486 Man shot dead in Thawra area, west Mosul 24 Feb 2009
d7485 Contractor shot dead near Sadr City, east Baghdad 24 Feb 2009
d8568 Man by bomb at house in Abu Ghraib area, west of Baghdad 23 Feb 2009
d7484 Man shot dead in Hay Al Seha, Mosul 22 Feb 2009
d7482 Decomposed body found in Katon Al Rahma area, Baquba 22 Feb 2009
d6361 Body of a woman found strangled in NW Baghdad 20 Feb 2009