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Incidents added to the IBC database from the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks, as of 2 August 2013

IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
d8203 Body found stabbed in Al Huriyah, Baghdad 17 May 2009
d8231 Body of a man found shot dead in Siniyah 12 May 2009
d8211 One by indirect fire in Al Karmashiyah area, Dhi Qar or Wassit 11 May 2009
d8202 Body found in New Baghdad area, Baghdad 11 May 2009
d8201 Taxi driver killed in Al Qadisiyah, Baghdad 11 May 2009
d8100 One shot dead in home in Muqdadiya 9 May 2009-
10 May 2009
d8200 One killed in Sadr City, Baghdad 9 May 2009
d8199 Body found strangled in Al Mushtal, Baghdad 8 May 2009
d8198 Body found in Hay Al Amel, Baghdad 7 May 2009
d8197 Man assassinated in Hay Al Amel, Baghdad 7 May 2009
d8196 Ministry employee shot dead in Al Shaab, Baghdad 7 May 2009
d8195 One in drive-by shooting in Al Karradah, Baghdad 7 May 2009
d8230 Body of a kidnap victim found near Dujayl 6 May 2009-
29 May 2009
d8194 Family of five killed in home in Al Suleikh area, Baghdad 6 May 2009
d8210 Man in drive-by shooting in Dhi Qar 5 May 2009
d8193 Body of a female found tortured, strangled in Al Habibiyah, Baghdad 5 May 2009
d8192 Man shot dead in Baghdad 5 May 2009
d6558 Woman stabbed to death in home in Al Baladiyat, Baghdad 4 May 2009
d6407 Body found in the Third River, Nahiyat Al Badeer 4 May 2009
d8209 Sheepherder found shot dead in Jaraf al Sukher area, Babil 3 May 2009
d6557 One shot dead in Sadr City, Baghdad 3 May 2009
d6553 Student murdered in Baghdad 2 May 2009
d8809 Man killed in Kirkuk 1 May 2009
d8208 Blacksmith stabbed to death in Mosul 1 May 2009
d6556 Father and son shot dead in Arab Jabour, Baghdad 1 May 2009
d6555 Child found shot dead in Baghdad 1 May 2009
d6554 Decayed body found in NW Baghdad 1 May 2009
d8276 One shot dead in Al Latifiyah area, south of Baghdad 30 Apr 2009
d8275 Body of a woman found suffocated in NE Baghdad 30 Apr 2009
d8274 Returned displaced person killed in Al Washash, Baghdad 30 Apr 2009
d8273 Sons of Iraq liason shot dead in SW Baghdad 29 Apr 2009
d8272 Body of an Iraqi female found shot dead in Babil province 29 Apr 2009
d5208 One shot dead by US forces near Abu Ghraib Market 29 Apr 2009
d8269 Woman by IED in Abu Ghraib area, west of Baghdad 28 Apr 2009-
29 Apr 2009
d8271 Woman shot dead in Kirkuk 28 Apr 2009
d8270 Man killed in Al-Ghadir area, east Baghdad 28 Apr 2009
d4767 Three by roadside bomb in Bassam, Baghdad 28 Apr 2009
d8268 Driver killed by unknown gunmen in Al Amel, Baghdad 27 Apr 2009
d6352 Body of a man found shot dead in NW Baghdad 27 Apr 2009
d6351 Iraqi Army soldier and brother shot dead in Sadr City, Baghdad 26 Apr 2009
d6350 Man shot dead in Al-Shaab, Baghdad 25 Apr 2009
d8267 Body of a woman found in Al Batawin neighborhood, Baghdad 24 Apr 2009
d5207 Man shot dead by Coalition Forces in Baghdad 24 Apr 2009
d8266 One killed in Hay Al Mithaq area, Mosul 23 Apr 2009
d8265 One shot dead in Sadr City, east Baghdad 22 Apr 2009-
23 Apr 2009
d8264 One shot dead in Zayuna neighborhood, east Baghdad 22 Apr 2009
d8263 One murdered in home in Al-Khidr district, Ninawa 21 Apr 2009
d8261 Body found beheaded in Hay Al Jama, west Baghdad 21 Apr 2009
d8260 Two bodies found tortured in Ghazaliyah, west Baghdad 21 Apr 2009
d8099 Public committee member by IED south of Baquba 20 Apr 2009