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IBC page Latest incidents analysed Date
k1328 Policeman in explosion in Musayyib 16 Jun 2004
k234 five by bomb in Ramadi 16 Jun 2004
k233 oil fields security chief in Kirkuk 16 Jun 2004
d10633 Local judge shot dead near Latifiyah 15 Jun 2004
d7138 Two shot dead during shootout in west Baghdad 15 Jun 2004
d6487 Police colonel shot dead in Doura, south Baghdad 15 Jun 2004
d6486 Body of a woman found in a truck in south Baghdad 15 Jun 2004
k230 one by car bomb between Iskandiriyah and Hillah 15 Jun 2004
k231 Police official on way to work in Sadat al-Henda, near Hilla 15 Jun 2004
d8715 One shot dead south of Taji, NW Baghdad 14 Jun 2004
k229 eight by car bomb, Sadoun district, Baghdad 14 Jun 2004
d10813 Police officer in attack on police station in Mosul 13 Jun 2004
d10650 Security guard shot dead at checkpoint near Kirkuk 13 Jun 2004
d10497 Police officer in Al Amarah 13 Jun 2004
d8714 One killed in crossfire during clashes east of Kirkuk 13 Jun 2004
d8713 Former Baath party member killed in Kufa 13 Jun 2004
d8712 Policeman in attack on police station in Hilla 13 Jun 2004
d8070 One shot dead by US convoy north of Latifiyah 13 Jun 2004
d6833 One in drive-by shooting on fuel convoy in Iskandariyah 13 Jun 2004
d5685 Two bodyguards of council member in Baghdad 13 Jun 2004
k1148 Three in fighting in Sadr City, Baghdad 13 Jun 2004
k1147 policeman on airport road, Baghdad 13 Jun 2004
x342 geography professor nr. Baghdad University campus 13 Jun 2004
x341 education official, Ghazaliya, Baghdad 13 Jun 2004
x335 ex-Baath Party member north of Baquba 13 Jun 2004
k228 11 or 12 by suicide car bomb, Rustamiya, Baghdad 13 Jun 2004
d13248 Policeman shot dead in Kirkuk 12 Jun 2004
d8069 One shot dead in attack on US troops in SW Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
d8068 Two by IED on Route Oilers, east Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
d8067 One by IED on Route Pluto, SE Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
d8066 Two daughters of ICDC soldier in home in central Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
x339 deputy foreign minister, Azimiya, Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
x338 district official, Kirkuk 12 Jun 2004
x337 Sunni religious leader, Kirkuk 12 Jun 2004
x336 two employees of Al-Iraqiya television, Al-Qaim 12 Jun 2004
k226 one in crossfire at Khan Dari, 12 miles west of Baghdad 12 Jun 2004
d8065 Interpreter for US forces shot dead in Al Dura, Baghdad 11 Jun 2004
d5606 One by rocket near Camp Ramadi 11 Jun 2004
x340 two employees of Lebanese company, Azimiyah, Baghdad 10 Jun 2004-
11 Jun 2004
k227 two young boys in crossfire, Sadr City, Baghdad 10 Jun 2004-
11 Jun 2004
d8064 One shot dead near Taji, north of Baghdad 10 Jun 2004
d6534 Assyrian man shot dead in al-Mansour, Baghdad 10 Jun 2004
d5687 One shot dead at market in Al Shulla, Baghdad 10 Jun 2004
k225 2-3 at Ghari police station, Najaf 10 Jun 2004
k260 two in fighting between police and militia in Najaf 9 Jun 2004-
10 Jun 2004
d10498 Two police officers in Al Majar Al Kabir, Missan 9 Jun 2004
d10799 Two by IED in Baqubah 8 Jun 2004
d5020 One shot dead by US forces south of Iskandariyah 8 Jun 2004
d4591 Translator assassinated in Al-Diwaniyah 8 Jun 2004
d4590 Two lawyers assassinated in Baghdad 8 Jun 2004