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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
k660-zs244 29 Sep 2004 Son of Abdel Ghani Mijbas 13-19 Male Baquba
k660-dz265 29 Sep 2004 Abdel Ghani Mijbas Adult Male Baquba Political party official
k656-hs364 29 Sep 2004 Mohammed Hoshyar / Mohammed Hushiar / Muhammad Hushyar Salim Ahmad Dizayi 34 Male Mosul Aid worker
d6292-kf2062 27 Sep 2004 Mohammed Minaem Hamed Adult Male 35km west of Ad Dujayl Truck company employee
d6292-fw1989 27 Sep 2004 Abed Elaziz Adult Male 35km west of Ad Dujayl Truck company employee
d6291-hd1968 27 Sep 2004 Raheen Khalid Adult Male Samarra
d6291-bz1931 27 Sep 2004 Ali Hamoud Adult Male Samarra
d6291-hz2058 27 Sep 2004 Sabah Thiab Adult Female Samarra
d5514-fw2141 27 Sep 2004 Isam Saeed Abd Al-Karim Adult Male Baghdad Ministry official
d5513-hd2152 27 Sep 2004 Slman Aboy Mohammed Adult Male Baghdad Workers for US military
d6565-ka2396 26 Sep 2004 - 27 Sep 2004 Ra'd Nisam 23 Male Route Senators, Dora area, south Baghdad Labourer
d4607-kw1719 25 Sep 2004 Ali Al-Qassab Adult Male Al-Athamiya, north Baghdad Ministry official
k514-kx365 25 Sep 2004 children of Mahmoud Zawbae Child Unknown Dhubat, Fallujah
k514-xd166 25 Sep 2004 Wife of Mahmoud Zawbae Adult Female Dhubat, Fallujah
k514-hv291 25 Sep 2004 Mahmoud Zawbae Adult Male Dhubat, Fallujah
k511-nm162 25 Sep 2004 Salman Turki al-Shamani Adult Male in or near Baquba Police
d6290-hc1903 23 Sep 2004 - 27 Sep 2004 Mr. Boutros Adult Male near Bayji or Tikrit Worker for foreign contractors
k505-su324 23 Sep 2004 Sana Toma / Sana Yussif / Saana Toma Suleiman Adult Male Baladiyat, Mosul Oil company official
d4730-kf1814 22 Sep 2004 Badiah Hassan Ali / Badeaa Hasan Ali Al Anbaki / Babba Hussein 59 Female Bab Alsheik, downtown Baghdad
d5216-nb1934 20 Sep 2004 Omer Adel Kamil Almashhadani Adult Male near the Chief of Justice's residence, Al Khadra area, Baghdad
k510-sc126 20 Sep 2004 Mohammed Jadoa al-Janabi or Mohammed Jadu or Mohammed Jadou Adult Male Al-Baya, Baghdad Cleric, Sunni
k503-xu320 20 Sep 2004 Hassan Flah Hamed Hame Abrahemy 27 Male Abu Ghraib Prison, Baghdad Detainee
k509-eu309 19 Sep 2004 - 20 Sep 2004 Sheikh Hazem al-Zaidi Adult Male Sadr City, Baghdad Cleric, Sunni
d10822-bh3072 19 Sep 2004 Ehsan Kazim Shuwail Adult Male Al Hillah Police captain
d5031-dn2044 19 Sep 2004 daughter of Iraqi Police officer Unrecorded Female Route Heather, near Balad