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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
k021-ke262 1 Feb 2004 Reza Hemeemin Reza Adult Male Irbil
k021-nw205 1 Feb 2004 Ali Mohammed Bira Adult Male Irbil
k021-hw123 1 Feb 2004 Hashim Aziz Rashid Adult Male Irbil
k021-fm192 1 Feb 2004 Cimshid Khorshid Rashid Unrecorded Male Irbil
k021-hx177 1 Feb 2004 Nasih Selim Bilbas / Nassih Saleem Adult Male Irbil Journalist
k021-fn250 1 Feb 2004 Haci Lokman Umer Adult Male Irbil
k021-nv119 1 Feb 2004 Adnan Mohammed Aziz Adult Male Irbil
k021-bc196 1 Feb 2004 Mam Muslih Abdullah Ahmed Adult Male Irbil
k021-hr181 1 Feb 2004 Idris Mohammed Asad Adult Male Irbil
k021-bu254 1 Feb 2004 Birrwa Khalil Hidayet Adult Male Irbil
k021-kz115 1 Feb 2004 Hiwa Tariq Ibrahim Adult Male Irbil
k021-xz200 1 Feb 2004 Hogir Faruq Adult Male Irbil
k021-kv185 1 Feb 2004 Hawar Rahman Adult Male Irbil
k021-xv242 1 Feb 2004 Hasan Hussein Adult Male Irbil
k021-kr111 1 Feb 2004 Yusif Mustafa Adult Male Irbil
k021-nd204 1 Feb 2004 Qadir Qerechux Adult Male Irbil
k021-kn189 1 Feb 2004 Mohammed Aziz Adult Male Irbil
k021-nb246 1 Feb 2004 Xebat Sharif Taha Adult Male Irbil
k021-dh298 1 Feb 2004 Aziz Abdullah Aziz Adult Male Irbil
k021-eh225 1 Feb 2004 Sebah Haydar Ali Adult Male Irbil
k021-df208 1 Feb 2004 Tariq Ibrahim Adult Male Irbil
k021-ef171 1 Feb 2004 Abubakir Anwer Adult Male Irbil
k021-xf302 1 Feb 2004 Abdulqadir Usman Adult Male Irbil
k021-ve229 1 Feb 2004 Abdulkhaliq Umer Abdullah Adult Male Irbil
k021-xw212 1 Feb 2004 Selah Selim Seydok / Salah Saidak Adult Male Irbil Newspaper editor