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IBC page Date Name or personal identifier Age Sex Location Occupation
k021-fz191 1 Feb 2004 Xerib Mohammed Salih / Ghareeb Mohamad Salih Adult Male Irbil Cameraman
k021-hm326 1 Feb 2004 Ayub Mohammed Salih / Ayoob Mohamad Salih Adult Male Irbil Cameraman
k021-fv141 1 Feb 2004 Abdulwahid Mustafa Adult Male Irbil
k021-ck120 1 Feb 2004 Anwar Mohammedemin Adult Male Irbil
k021-bw195 1 Feb 2004 Joutyar Shemsedin Adult Male Irbil
k021-xk322 1 Feb 2004 Fuad Jawhar Adult Male Irbil
k021-bx137 1 Feb 2004 Fatih Aziz Adult Male Irbil
k021-kh116 1 Feb 2004 Khesro Ismail Gezneyi Adult Male Irbil
k021-fh199 1 Feb 2004 Jalil Rewend Xidir Adult Male Irbil
k021-kf334 1 Feb 2004 Hasan Banimarani Adult Female Irbil
k021-fw133 1 Feb 2004 Shuwan Said Kake Adult Male Irbil
k021-hd112 1 Feb 2004 Mahdid Heme Ismail Adult Male Irbil
k021-bz203 1 Feb 2004 Khalid Mela Numan Adult Male Irbil
k021-hz330 1 Feb 2004 Zerdesht Mahdi Khoshnaw Adult Male Irbil
k021-bv129 1 Feb 2004 Mahir Qereni Ismail Adult Male Irbil
k021-hc175 1 Feb 2004 Kheshrew Osman Adult Male Irbil
k021-fd140 1 Feb 2004 Wurya Qadir Sadi Adult Male Irbil
k021-hu125 1 Feb 2004 Bakir Mohammed Said Adult Male Irbil
k021-fb310 1 Feb 2004 Aso Sabir Adult Male Irbil
k021-nk179 1 Feb 2004 Didewan Saik Mohammed Adult Male Irbil
k021-bh136 1 Feb 2004 Behrouz Qeshqe Adult Male Irbil
k021-nh121 1 Feb 2004 Shahwan or Shakhawan Abbas Adult Male Irbil
k021-bn306 1 Feb 2004 Kheshro Hadi Shera Adult Male Irbil
k021-kw183 1 Feb 2004 Nariman Abdulhamid Adult Male Irbil
k021-ux132 1 Feb 2004 Nawzad Rajab Adult Male Irbil