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Announcements: 31 Dec 2013

Total violent deaths including combatants, 2003–2013

This total refers to deaths reported by news media, Iraqi ministries or NGOs, with additional estimates of deaths documented in the Iraq War Logs released by WikiLeaks in October 2010. The table below provides a detailed breakdown of victim categories and sources used across different periods.

Since their release IBC has been integrating civilian casualty information contained in the War Logs, which cover the period from 2004 through 2009. To date this has added 4652-4819 previously unrecorded civilian deaths to the IBC database, representing roughly one third of the number we estimate will ultimately be derived from the Logs.1

The War Logs also contain detailed records of combatant deaths during 2004-2009. Based on our earlier analysis we are able to estimate the total number of deaths in all categories that the Logs are likely to contain. In combination with other data for 2003 and 2010-2013, this has allowed IBC to provide a running total of violent deaths among all victim categories, civilian or combatant. As of 31 December 2013, this combination of data provides the following totals.

1 For a background on this estimate, its data sources, and the table on this page, see the Iraq War Logs, section titled 'Total deaths 2003-2010' Technical appendix.

2 Minimum number of "Total observed and reported Iraqi combatant fatalities" during the 2003 invasion. Source

3 Numbers for insurgents/soldiers have been updated for 2010-2013 from Iraqi Ministry figures as compiled by AFP or reported by other news outlets.


5Iraq Coalition Casualties: Contractors - A Partial List (iCasualties)

Iraq Body Count 2003-2013 132,764
Iraq War Logs new 'Civilian' and comparable 'Host Nation' remaining 2004-2009 - central estimate 10,325
Iraq War Logs ‘Host Nation’ combatant 2004-2009 - central estimate 5,575
Iraq War Logs ‘Enemy’ (minus IBC overlaps) 2004-2009 - central estimate 20,499
Iraqi combatants killed March-May 20032 4,895
Insurgents killed June-December 2003 597
Insurgents killed May 2004 652
Insurgents & Iraqi soldiers killed March 2009 59
Insurgents & Iraqi soldiers killed 2010–20133 3,874
US & Coalition military killed 2003–20134 4,804
US & Coalition foreign contractors killed 2003–20135 468
TOTAL 184,512