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Iraq Body Count maintains the world’s largest public database of violent civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion, as well as separate running total which includes combatants.

IBC's data is drawn from cross-checked media reports, hospital, morgue, NGO and official figures or records (see About IBC). You can contribute to IBC's work in several ways, including with a donation.

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Recent events

Wednesday 20 September: 38 killed

Banah, Anbar: 2 killed by car bomb "in a beautiful neighbourhood"

Khan Dari near Abu Ghraib: 1 killed, 4 wounded by roadside bomb

Tal Afar: 25 bodies found in a mass execution grave

Border area of Amadiyah district, Dohuk: 9 civilians killed in Turkish airstrikes

Kreyaat, northeast of Baghdad: 1 alcohol seller killed by IED fitted under his car

Tuesday 19 September: 107 killed

Hajaj: 3 diners killed, up to 39 wounded, by suicide bombers targeting tourist restaurant often frequented by Popular Mobilisation Forces

Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad: 2 killed, 4 wounded by roadside bomb near an industrial complex

Mukhisa village, northeast of Baquba: 1 farmer shot near an orchard by an armed group

Daouk district, south of Kirkuk: 1, a 17-year-old farmer killed by roadside bomb

Zubair district of Basra: 1 young man gunned down by unknown assailants

Tariq neighbourhood of Sadr City, east Baghdad: 1 taxi driver killed by unidentified gunmen using silencers

Rifa'i region, west of Mosul: 7, family killed on return to their booby-trapped house after ousting of ISIS

Ayadh neighbourhood, west Mosul: 40 bodies found in mass grave of police personnel, executed by ISIS, showing signs of torture

Tigris river north of Baghdad: 1 body found of a young man pulled from river, shot in head and chest

Mosul Old City: 50 more bodies of women and children recovered from rubble of the conflict by Civil Defence teams