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Falluja Archive Oct 2004

Falluja Table - May 07

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IBC Extracted Falluja News - May 07

News Source
New Standard
Specific incidents / deaths

Rows and rows of fresh graves fill the football stadium in Falluja. Many of them are smaller than others. My translator Nermim reads the gravestones to me: "This one is a little girl." We take another step. "And this one is her sister. Next to them is their mother."

We walk slowly under the scorching sun along dusty rows of humble headstones. She continues reading them aloud to me: "Old man wearing jacket with black dishdasha, near industrial center. He has a key in his hand." Many of the bodies were buried before they could be identified. Tears are welling up in my eyes as she quietly reads: "Man wearing red track suit." She points to another row, "Three women killed in car leaving city by American missile."


One of the men, who speaks English, says, "I saw American snipers shoot a woman on her roof while she was hanging her clothes. This was during their cease fire."


Another man points to the mosque and says, "Marines entered this mosque before they bombed it and slit the throats of refugees. This is their democracy? This is their freedom?"

Date killed? pre-7th May

3 (mother and two daughters) +1 (old man wearing jacket) +1 (man in track suit) +3 (women in car fleeing city) +1 (woman hanging clothes on rooftop)

Civilian / Fighter

7 (min) 8 (max) civilians

Cumulative deaths [and injuries]

The Martyrs' cemetary in Falluja -- filled with nearly 500 bodies from recent U.S. aggression in the city.


One of the football stadiums in Falluja has become a Martyr Cemetery due to the hundreds of deaths caused by the fighting throughout April. U.S. marines eventually surrounded the main cemetery, so the residents of Falluja had to bury their dead here. Iraqi doctors estimate that over half of the dead Iraqis are women, children and elderly, and the graves I view seem to confirm this. There are nearly 500 graves here today, and counting...


Most of the people killed by bombings were civilians. Americans said the civilians were killed by mujahedeen, but this is just not true."

Date range? 5th April-May 7th?
Total 'nearly 500 graves' (in one cemetery)
Civilian / Fighter  
Selected info, comment, analysis

One of the other stories going around Falluja is that of Marines using mosque minarets to shoot at people. Every group of people I speak with at each location is stating this. True or not, it is what people here believe. The damage is done. These beliefs, cemented by the recent photos coming out of Abu Ghraib, have melded distrust and hatred into a long sword which is now held against the occupiers.

Driving a little further into Julan we pass a scorched ambulance on the side of the road.

Destroyed ambulance in the Julan area of Falluja.

US/military viewpoint


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