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Iraq Body Count (IBC) is an analytical project, not a news portal. Our procedure is to collect and reconcile every available, distinct report about each incident. For larger events, stories may run into the dozens and continue to emerge for days or weeks. This, and the inexorable rise in daily violent incidents, means that there is a considerable gap between the initial reporting of events and their first appearance in the IBC database.

However, we obtain an early impression of events within about 48 hours of first reports. This page provides our news gatherer's account of such recent events, but please keep in mind that these are not our final database entries. Rather, they should be considered an early update on civilian casualties.

Recent Events

Wednesday 30 August: 5 killed

Baghdad: 1 shot in Maalif; 1 body found in Swaib.

Basra: 1 body.

Nasiriyah: 1 woman shot.

Hawija: 1 elderly man executed by being thrown off a building.

Tuesday 29 August: 10 killed

A'yaziyah: 3 (2 women and 1 child) killed by suicide bomber targeting a group of Peshmerga.

Baghdad: 4 killed by gunfire and IED in Swaib and Rashad.

Madain: 1 by gunfire.

Hilla: 1 body found, of child abducted two days earlier.

Bazol: 1 body found, of tribal elder abducted one week earlier.

Monday 28 August : 22 killed

Baghdad: 14 killed by car bomb and in armed attacks in Jamila, Furat and Ghazaliya.

Wasit: 2 bodies found in Tigris river.

Yusufiya: 4 killed in IED explosion.

Abu Saida: 1 by IED.

Kanaan: 1 by IED.

Sunday 27 August: 6 killed.

Baghdad: 6 killed by car bombs and IED in Bayaa, Abu Dshir and Jisr Diyala.

Saturday 26 August: 101 killed.

Tal Afar: 80 bodies found in mass grave; the bodies of 18 people are found inside a prison; 1 journalist killed by IED.

Yusufiya: 1 body found.

Baghdad: 1 killed by AED in Bayaa.

Friday 25 August: 11 killed

Karma: 3 children killed by landmine.

Hawija: 3 children by IED, as families try to flee the city.

Gundazhor: 2 brothers shot dead by Peshmerga.

Tarmiya: 1 by IED.

Karbala: 1 child by cluster bomb.

Hilla: 1 woman beaten to death.

Thursday 24 August: 18 killed

Hawija: 8 people, including an infant, burnt to death by IS members for trying to flee; 4 executed for cooperating with security forces.

Daquq: 2 women's bodies found tortured.

Qara Tapa: 1 body found.

Kirkuk: 1 body found with signs of torture and bullet holes.

Bani Saad: 1 Sahwa member shot during funeral.

Baghdad: 1 killed by IED in Bakriya.