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Iraq Body Count (IBC) is an analytical project, not a news portal. Our procedure is to collect and reconcile every available, distinct report about each incident. For larger events, stories may run into the dozens and continue to emerge for days or weeks. This, and the inexorable rise in daily violent incidents, means that there is a considerable gap between the initial reporting of events and their first appearance in the IBC database.

However, we obtain an early impression of events within about 48 hours of first reports. This page provides our news gatherer's account of such recent events, but please keep in mind that these are not our final database entries. Rather, they should be considered an early update on civilian casualties.

Recent Events

Saturday 5 August: 47 killed.

Mosul: 30 bodies found in mass grave; 2 brothers shot dead; 1 body of a little girl found.

Hawija: 5 family members, including a child, killed at home by unknown gunmen.

Albu Ali al-Jasim: 3 mourners killed by IED.

Zummar: 2 business men shot by PKK members.

Tal Afar: 3 people leaving a house shot.

Baghdad: 1 medical assistant shot at clinic.

Friday 4 August: 14 killed

Tal Afar: 4 men, a father and his three sons, were executed after being accused of killing IS fighters.

Mosul: 5 killed by suicide bomber targeting security forces in the east of the city.

Sinjar: 1 man shot by Shia militia.

Abbasiya: 4 by coalition airstrike.

Thursday 3 August: 6 killed

Baghdad: 2 killed by IED.

Madain: 1 by IED.

Qaim: 1 woman during coalition airstrikes.

Diyala: 1 former Awakening member shot.

Babylon: 1 Head of Electricity Department shot while inspecting power lines.

Wednesday 2 August: 10 killed

Ras al-Jadah district, Mosul: 3 by bomb.

Al-Iqtisadiyin neighbourhood, Mosul: 1 policeman by exploding ordnance.

Al-Jawsaq district, Mosul: 1 by “stray bullet”.

Bab al-Jadid, Mosul: 2, father and son by bomb while inspecting a house.

Mahboubiya, Diyala: 2, including policeman, in armed “family dispute”.

Qaim: 1 child killed by airstrike.

Tuesday 1 August: 19 killed

Al-Zanjii area of W Mosul: 1 policeman at a checkpoint; 8, including a woman and child, entering booby-trapped home

Bab Al-Sham, N of Baghdad: 1 by gunfire in tribal conflict

Shammayeh, E of Baghdad: 5, entire family in their home

Tal Afar: 2 by coalition airstrike.

Qaim: 2 by coalition airstrike.

Monday 31 July: 16 Killed

Tawakkol village, Diyala: 1 policeman by roadside IED.

Mahmudiya, S of Baghdad: 1 body of a man found, shot.

Mosul city centre: 14 bodies of civilians, including women and children, recovered from the rubble.

PRELIMINARY JULY TOTAL: 1,498 civilians killed

Sunday 30 July: 21 killed

Ras al-Jadda district, NW of Mosul: 3 including a woman by roadside IED

Sheikh Omar district, N of Baghdad: 1 fired on in car

N Baghdad: 1 Tribal Mobilisation Forces member shot in car while leaving his home

Tal Afar: 2 young men executed by ISIS “on charges of spying”

Rawa, W Anbar: 4 in airstrike (update via

Hawija: 10 in airstrike (update via